Quantum and Nonlinear Optoelectronics Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Quantum and Nonlinear Optoelectronics Group at Notre Dame! Led by electrical engineering professor David Burghoff, our mission is to:

  • Use quantum engineering to push beyond the limits of conventional electronics and photonics, exploiting novel phenomena to create devices that interact with the world in new ways.

  • Approach technology development from all levels, not only seeking to perform basic science and using newly-discovered phenomena to create devices, but also using those devices to create systems that seek to address the world’s key challenges in sensing and computation.

Recent news

    • Zheheng’s Physical Review Applied paper on bandstructure-engineered nonlinear activation functions is out. Well done!
    • Dingding’s paper on high-Q microresonators in the longwave infrared is out in Nature Communications. Congratulations!
    • Dr. Burghoff was named a Moore Inventor’s Fellows in 2022. This is awarded to only five faculty out of 200 selected nominees.
    • Zhenyang’s paper on terahertz spectroscopy of topological quantum wells is out. Congrats on the nice result!
    • Levi’s paper on analytical theory of FM combs is out. Congrats!
    • We published a commentary in Nature Photonics. Thanks to Chao Dong for leading this.
    • Dr. Burghoff released Scientific Inkscape, a useful toolbox for editing and collating figures.
    • Our paper on ptychoscopy, a new technique for performing radiometry with combs, has been published in Nature Communications. Congrats to David Benirschke for spearheading this work!
    • Dr. Burghoff was awarded the ONR YIP, NSF CAREER, and AFOSR YIP awards.

We are currently hiring Ph.D. students and postdocs! Please contact David Burghoff