Quantum and Nonlinear Optoelectronics Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Quantum and Nonlinear Optoelectronics Group at Notre Dame! Led by electrical engineering professor David Burghoff, our mission is to:

  • Use quantum engineering to push beyond the limits of conventional electronics and photonics, exploiting novel phenomena to create devices that interact with the world in new ways.

  • Engineer new coherent processes to make devices that utilize the entire electromagnetic spectrum—particularly the extremely challenging terahertz and mid-infrared wavelength regimes.

  • Approach technology development from all levels, not only seeking to perform basic science and using newly-discovered phenomena to create devices, but also using those devices to create systems that seek to address the world’s key challenges.

Recent news

    • Zhenyang’s paper on terahertz spectroscopy of topological quantum wells is out. Congrats on the nice result!
    • Levi’s paper on analytical theory of FM combs is out. Congrats!
    • We published a commentary in Nature Photonics. Thanks to Chao Dong for leading this.
    • Yi Luo, Zheheng Xu, Katherine Hudek, and Mithun Roy have joined the lab. Welcome everyone!
    • Dr. Burghoff released Scientific Inkscape, a useful toolbox for editing and collating figures.
    • Our paper on ptychoscopy, a new technique for performing radiometry with combs, has been published in Nature Communications. Congrats to David Benirschke for spearheading this work!
    • Dr. Burghoff was awarded the ONR Young Investigator Award, awarded to young scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise for doing creative research.
    • Levi received the NDSEG fellowship. Congratulations!
    • Dr. Burghoff received the NSF CAREER award, the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education.
    • Our paper on FM combs was published in Optica and was a Top Download.
    • Dr. Burghoff was awarded the AFOSR Young Investigator Program award, which is given to scientists and engineers showing exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research of military interests.


We are currently hiring Ph.D. students and postdocs! Please contact David Burghoff